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We are only 45 minutes away from your emergency call out, and whatever your pest issue, we are keen to apply our expert knowledge.

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Pest Control Southend

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Pestforce Pest Control Southend  offers a 24-hour emergency call-out service, so if you have pest issues at home or your business, we can help you any time of the day.

Being 24 hours allows us to cause no or little disruption to your business, so if you have mice, rats, bees, wasps, or any other pest, please give us a call any time of day we can sort this for you.

Rat Control in Southend

Do sounds of nibbling and gnawing haunt you? Dark streaks on your skirting boards that can’t be explained? Bite marks in cereal boxes and even holes in the back of our fridge? These are all tell-tale signs of Rattus Novegicus…otherwise known as the RAT. The shady story of these household pests need no introduction, having plagued peoples’ homes for centuries….and their threat to you and your family shouldn’t be underplayed! Carrying a multitude of diseases potentially fatal to humans and incontinent by nature, rats will urinate indiscriminately across your household worktops, leaving you exposed to nasty infections or worse. So on first suspecting that your property’s harboring an unwanted visitor of the rodent variety, pick up the phone and call me, Sinclair Walton at Pestforce Southend.

Insect Control in Southend

Some residents in Southend may be led to believe that the removal of insects constitutes a simple DIY job…However, with many insects misidentified by the untrained eye, the application of a standard insecticide bought off the supermarket shelves won’t usually do much good…and instead lead to increased resistance in the bugs that will be breeding and conquering your home at an alarming rate. So for peace of mind that your insect problems will be dispatched effectively, call me today at Pestforce Southend. I conduct a thorough investigation of your specific insect issue, identifying the pest in question or sending off samples to our lab should there be any doubt. I’ll then apply a lasting solution and follow up treatments where necessary till your pests are GONE for good.

Bird Pest Control by Pest Control Services Uk

Bird control measures from Pest Control Services Uk are frequently used for birds considered pests, such as feral pigeons, common starlings, house sparrows, and gulls, depending on the area. Bird control is essential for domestic and commercial properties because birds considered pests can create several health-related problems. There are several proven means of bird control that Pest Control Services Uk can advise on, so contact us at 0800 061 4953 today.

Pest Control Services Uk Conduct Bird Pest Control

Pest Control Services Uk can offer our pest control customers advice on the most suitable action for their property.

Contact the team at Pest Control Services Uk to learn about some of our recently installed pigeon deterrents and seagull deterrent systems. Pest Control Services Uk has expanded to provide specialist pest bird control and deterrent solutions across the United Kingdom.