Why should a person celebrate his/her birthday?

mother in law happy birthday

Every country has different cultures in celebrating their occasional festivals, and not all countries have similar celebrating ways. But having some fun and celebration in their born day is common for all people country and religion. There is no country we can point out that their citizens do not wish to celebrate their birthday. How a camera could able to store our memories like the same a single man’s birthday would give him an unforgettable memory until his presence in this world. Most commonly we might hear these kinds of wishes, mom happy birthday, day happy birthday, uncle happy birthday, mother in law happy birthdayHowever, technology increases people do not fail to change their wishing style in every country.

mother in law happy birthday

Normally we cannot expect the same kind of wish and presents from every person we know. For example, if we contact one hundred people among the 100 people there would just 15 to 20 members who wish from their heart. Even they fail to present you with a gift their wish would be more valuable. But the remaining people would wish for any kind of purpose. This is a common thing that happens in every relationship.

Among the different mentality of people here is some person who has been proved how to value their birthday is. Some of the medium level earning man is serving free food for every disabled person while the time of his birthday. And this means by while the date of the person’s birthday he will not be the only person to celebrate the day some other people would wait for their food and enjoy the day as like the birthday man. But here there is another side, for example, the richer person even they have enough money to donate to poor people but they will not come forward to help needy people those people used to arrange parties and invest a large amount to book a separate apartment to celebrate their birthday with their friends and relatives. Still, some people will not take care of any festival days even their birthdays, instead of creating some unforgettable memories they would continue their regular work like regular days.

Each family member is one of the pillars of the family. If one of the relationships gets broken then the complete family will get some shake which means the impact. We cannot split up the relationship like the mother in law and father in law are more important than uncle and aunty, so every family member will be helping you in any of the critical situations. In that case, there should be a memorable moment with them at least yearly once. So a birthday is the only day to celebrate as a separate and only for the particular person. If there are any other occasions complete family members will be united and they would enjoy as common but a birthday is slightly different from those days, here the celebration is about the only one person and the remaining members will make some arrangements to make happy the special one. by this, we should understand that celebrating a birthday is important by which there are more possibilities to get united the family in every fight scene.