View on Microwave Oven, the bread toast, and Food processor

Mini oven, 4 slice toaster, food processor

The microwave oven is an electric oven that cools food by heat exposed to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. The microwave oven gets heated and produces the food quickly. Because of homogeneous high water content food item. After the outcome of the microwave, Mini oven, 4 slice toaster, food processor The electromagnetic waves are small enough in wavelength they are called microwaves. After world war-II, Percy Spenser invented the microwave oven.  And then Raytheon’s Percy Spenser described the use of the microwave for heating foods. The first microwave ovens from Raytheon were used in restaurants and airplanes. Raytheon in 1946 was first used in commercial airplanes. The government officials after considering the microwave they don’t provide a safety certificate.  Because of no solid data radiation emissions.  Many workers in the industry were affected due to safety measures. Fortunately, in the present, we have RF radiation.

Mini oven,  4 slice toaster, food processor

Microwave food and nutrition

Every form of cooking has its disadvantage. The fact to be noticed and compared is how much water content is added, how long food is cooked, and what temperature they are cooked. Microwave converts active vitaminB12 into an inactive form.  The boiling rate of food is 100c, in the microwave of human milk is highly not recommended as it causes an anti-infective factor.

The lower temperature of cooking is a safety benefit. Because bit eliminates the tars and char formation l which are carcinogenic. Some studies found that one minute of microwave destroyed the cancer-fighting compound in garlic.  Bacon is the type of food that has harmful compounds like nitrosamines.  Heating Bacon causes the least nitrosamine formation.  Some study has shown microwaving chicken has fewer harmful compounds.  Microwaves minimize the formation of harmful compounds.  Heating food inside the plastic container is a harmful and hazardous act.

Four-Sided Toaster

During the early 90th century the toast is done by placing metal on the frame. This is the early form of the toaster.   The primary problem in the toaster 20th century is a heating element that could repeatedly hot heated at red-hot temperature early. Then the problem was solved in the ’90s by Albert Marsh. When the toast is done, it is determined by a small bimetallic sensor, by the heat passing through the toast. Regardless of the type of bread, The sensing of the heat passes through the toast.

Food Processor

Food Processors are used to chopping, slice, and blend. It helps for quicker meal preparation. To cook faster a food processor are necessary. It saves a lot of time in cutting the veggies.  There’s no necessity for a blade or cutting sheet. It is one step ahead of to same time.  It is developing beneficial for the working women who could save time in cooking. Food processors make the cooking process easy and comfortable. According to the speed and capacity, the food processor cost and quality differ. The food processor must utilize an equable amount of power. Not more not less.


Here we have seen the History of the microwave oven and, The microwave oven Food and the nutrients Four sliced Toaster and Food processor.