Terrarium workshop: the all-new diy trend

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

A Terrarium (plural form: terrariums / terraria) is an eco-friendly home decor multipurpose showpiece that consists of a sealed glass container that usually contains plants and soil. The seal is temporary so that during the maintenance, the vessel can be washed properly while the plants inside can be accessed and nurtured every once in a while. A Terrarium primarily functions as an ornamental item in the house and is the best fit for an environment-friendly personalized living green gift. Terrariums are classified into two sub-categories: –

  1. Open Terrariums
  2. Closed Terrariums

Open Terraria is most suited for temperate plants because they require less humidity and less moisture in the soil. All plants that are adapted to dry climates and open environments, can’t survive the rich-in-moisture environment of closed terrariums therefore open terrariums are quite common and popular.

Closed Terrariums are best suited for tropical plant species like mosses, ferns, orchids, and air plants which need a humid and sheltered environment resembling the tropical regions. However, Closed Terraria must be opened every once in a while, to remove excess moisture from the air and soil in the terrarium to avoid the growth of algae which otherwise corrodes and harms the plant gradually while discoloring the walls of the terrarium.

Terrarium Workshop Singapore is the new DIY trend on social media. The demand for immense attention towards the environment has led to this eco-friendly trend where expert terrarium developers share videos and often conduct online workshops to instruct interested viewers and candidates how to make an open or closed terrarium through simple and effective methods.

Leading YouTube DIY Experts such as 5 Minute Crafts, Garden Up, and SerpaDesign have posted a lot of interesting terrarium designs with millions of views on their videos. ‘PAYTM Insider’ – a digital event managing website held an online terrarium-making event by ‘Eartholics’ on September 20th, 2020 which saw huge participation from people all around the world. While Coronavirus had house-arrested every human being living and breathing for such a long time, people could learn to make spectacular terrariums without exposing themselves to the deadly COVID-19 virus, i.e., with the comfort of their homes. The event supported and encouraged the “STAY AT HOME” movement by helping its audience cultivate green hobbies during the lockdown.

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

The Principal contents of the Online terrarium-making workshop were: –

  1. Learning the Basics of Terrarium Making.
  2. Plant Selection and Plant Requirements for the Terrarium.
  3. The Categorization of Terrariums.
  4. Equipment and Materials Needed for Terrarium-Making.

The host of the online workshop demonstrated how to make an Open-Terrarium with no special kits. The workshop charged a minimal amount of 550 INR per candidate and ended up being a successful demonstration genre event.

Also, LBB conducted a live “miniature garden in a terrarium” demonstrating an event recently where miniature-art experts Soumya and Babita showcased authentic and innovative terrarium designs. The objective of this digital workshop was to help viewers develop exciting designs which symbolize the enchantment of nature in an easy-to-maintain avatar inside their homes.

I hope this article would help you to understand more about the terrarium and its working procedure.