Increasing the Engagement of your followers on Instagram

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Instagram is a kind of social networking site for sharing photos and videos with family and friends.  It’s just like any other social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, etc., which can be installed in any Android/IOS compatible mobile devices/cell phones.

Instagram gives the option to connect with the people who are in our contacts group. The person with an Instagram account receives suggestions for whom he/she can follow and vice versa. When the account holder follows one or more of his/her friend/s, all the past and present posts of that person whom he/she is following can be viewed. Thereby access to our posts – is granted for our friends based on our consent by following them.

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The shared posts – may be photos, videos or any other information will be updated as a “news feed” on the Instagram page of our friends/followers. click here to know more.


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An individual can get engaged in Instagram by sharing/uploading posts – photos, videos and including hashtags. By uploading/posting photos onto Instagram, one can have the happiness of sharing the happenings of our life to our friends/followers. Also, compared to other networking sites like Facebook, fewer numbers of people have Instagram accounts, and thereby the number of people who can view our photos are limited .i.e., people only in only our close friend’s circle can view and comment on our shared stuff.(like photos and videos).

The photos to are shared on Instagram can be edited with filters, showing different variances or shades and also with different expressions/smileys. A recent update is one can live video chat with friends through Instagram. The person who has installed the Instagram app on his/her mobile device can sync the contacts of the phone to Instagram account . By this feature, a person can get to know all his/her contacts who are on Instagram. When the contacts list is connected, it’s periodically synced and securely stored in the Instagram Servers. Also, there is an option to disconnect the contacts syncing any time, thereby getting more engaged on Instagram.

A person can get engaged by having/creating multiple accounts on Instagram, where in that case a person gets the push notifications regarding which account he/she has logged in.

Unlike many social networking sites, Instagram can be accessed with just one click on the app, with no requirement to remember password every time u login as the app automatically take the password first set by the holder. In any case, if we forget the password a password recovery mail or message or link will be sent to any linked accounts like Facebook.

One can also link the contacts/friends on Facebook and follow them in order to get more engaged. The Instagram app itself shows recommendations of people whom one can connect /follow. Once the following icon is clicked, we’ll receive all the posts of the person whom we are following. Not only a single person, but a group of people who would like to be connected/engaged on Instagram can also create a group and then share photos/videos/ updates/information selectively to the group.

For the persons who have a plan to start a small business as a startup, they can create an account on Instagram and post pics/updates/information and thereby let people know about their business. For such commercial reasons, there is an online firm called “Rantic” which helps the entrepreneur to buy the comments on Instagram for his or her startup related account. Buying comments on our post, one can have propaganda of their information, and a large number of people can know within no time.

The Romantic site can also be used to gain the popularity of an individual/location, as the valuable/positive comments on pics/videos can be bought from them.



In conclusion, a person can get more engaged with Instagram by utilizing the above-mentioned techniques. Instagram will help a lot in getting connected with the people of our choice and improving the market value of a firm in a safe and secure way.