Automatic garage doors for industries

Garage Doors Brentwood

Automatic doors are fitted easily in all types of garage doors. It suits well to the traditional and also for the modern building. It an easy method to operate without touching the door. It also fitted in glass, fire-resistant, and steel. Its main importance is the speed and the advanced system of safety. Garage Doors Brentwood also provides these types of automated doors for sale with high standard and quality.

Garage Doors Brentwood

High-speed automated doors

It is used for rapid speed between the internal and external areas of the same building. Its high speed is 3 m per S. high-speed doors are manufactured and installed with the help of international experts by analysing the usage and its effectiveness. If it is not suited for the particular place then the officials will inform them clearly that automatic doors will fit the area or not. Nowadays all the industries have started to follow the controlled environment to reduce the amount of dirt settled there to avoid the covid’19. Food industries have maintained those doors to preserve the food products from flies and other insects. To maintain the temperature, sanitation, storage of frozen foods in the warehouse use these doors to maintain the consistency of the product.

Clean Room Doors

For clean rooms only these type of automated doors is used to open and close the door in a fraction second by preserving the consistent temperature in roll-up doors. Its size is 4000mm from PL to PH. Its opening speed is 1.0m per s. its closing speed is 0.8 m pers. it is made of aluminium. Doors are monitored by a Radar presence detector.

Emergency Exit Doors

In all the offices and commercial buildings, emergency exit doors are fixed to use at the time of emergency. Its curtain gives a transparent look to see the other side because it only helps the people to move out quickly from that place to safeguard themselves. Normally the doors act as a usual high-speed door, during a time of emergency when people pushed it the curtains open and the doors are open quickly to show the way out of the building. This curtain is made up of soft material so that it will not do any harm to the people or the products when it is forced. It is of internal use and its size is 6000mm. galvanised steels are used. It can be handled by electronic switches.

Deep Freezer Doors

Garage doors are the only solution to preserve the quantity of food and other items in cold storage of low temperature in -22 degree Fahrenheit.  It is the one which gives high protection but its tariff is high.  Its size is 4500 mm and it is working under the inverter motion system with adjustable speed and control. Galvanised steels are used and it has an emergency off button also.

Self-repairing doors

It can adjust according to the size of the products. The curtain will move along with the products and after a certain distance, it comes back to its normal position. The movement can be recovered and designed in such a way as to lower the time of transition. Its size is 6000mm. optional inverter system is used to adjust different speed according to the needs.