What We Do

INTRODUCE…It is all about Jesus. We want to help you to get to know Jesus and others by connecting your faith to your jobs, in your homes, and even at times of recreation. We have several opportunities to discover what it means to follow Jesus. By attending our weekly Sunday worship experience, a Starting Point Class, or even asking, “What it means to follow Jesus?” of someone who is a part of the church, you will be introduced to His transforming love.
INSTRUCT…We are all about growing in our relationship with Jesus and others. Through our connection groups which range in various sizes, from one-on-one mentoring to 12-16 people, we want to help you better understand the principles of spiritual growth. Throughout the year, we offer a variety of studies to help you grow in your faith so you can best live it out in your relationships.
INVOLVE…The greatest thing in this life is to serve others with the love of God. Jesus, as the Son of God, came to serve and we want to do the same thing. We don’t do these things to gain God’s approval but as a response to His love. We have opportunities to love people in our community, and overseas, but God also desires people to serve and love others in our daily lives, 24/7.