Types of fishing rods and some tips for buying it


If you are interested or have the hobby of fishing then you know what is fishing rod and how helpful it is while fishing. Int he cases if you do not know anything about fishing this article will help you to know all about fishing rods. This helps better for fishing many people having the hobby of fishing they take the rod with some pray and through it inside the lake or river then the fish will automatically get into the rod. This gives unexplainable exultation to many of the people. Now, we are going to see the types of fishing rods.

For the major eight types of ΚΑΛΑΜΙΑ ΨΑΡΕΜΑΤΟΣ are available for the fishers. Here, is the starting that people start to feel very complicated. Every rod having different specifications. Each is better than the other so we cannot understand at the initial state of buying the rods. We are going to consider all the points or specifications and make you know everything about the fishing rods. The types are,

  • Carbon fiber rod
  • Fly rods
  • Spinning rods
  • Trolling rods
  • Ice rods
  • Sea rods
  • Surf rods
  • Baitcasting and spin rods

Specifications and tips for purchase:

If the carbon fiber is not used properly then it is easy to break because it has more flexibility than the glass fiber and it is more brittle. This is for the long and the faster rods when it is compared to the glass fiber.

Fly rods are designed to cast artificially because of its thin and the flexible usage of rods the hooks of the fly rods are usually tied up with the foam or some other lite weighted materials. This does not have the lure weight instead of that it has the casting line. Many sizes are available in the fly rods type. When it comes to spinning rods it has the point of minimum five to maximum eight feet in length. This is very useful for fishing the bait and this is mostly used in trolling.

Trolling rods are the methods that the fishers casting the bait or the lure either the side or opposite with the moving boat on that movement the rod helps to pull the bait into the boat. This needs the specified weight and the range for the better experience with the rod.

Ice rods this name refers to the work of this rod in the ice area this kind s very helpful. This is of the stiff pieces of wood with the strong wooden handle because the string is inserted in the broken ice and it leaves for a while this way the rod helps the fishers to catch the fishes.

Sea rods and surf rods are majorly used in the areas of deep-sea fishing. Because of techniques with these, the fishers can easily find and catch the fish even it is hard to do in its way. They are of long and heavy tips that handle the fish not to get escape from the hands of fishers.


Rods can buy through the online as well as in shops both are very useful to the buyers.