Prepare for removal of your house/office during coronavirus

Removal Companies Essex

1) Complete your pre-move survey (remotely)

Having a consultant come to your home to conduct a pre-move survey is usually the first step in acquiring an estimate. This is where they establish a list of everything that has to be moved, assess any access issues or specific challenges, and talk to you about your ideas and how you want the move to go.

Removal Companies Essex

Many Removal Companies Essex can provide an alternative to an in-home consultation, such as:

  • Simple video survey through smartphone or tablet app
  • Inventory forms that you may fill out online to create your lists
  • Telephone consultation
  1. Compare quotes and select a moving company.

If you’re obtaining numerous bids, don’t wait until you’re ready to move to compare them and pick a moving company. Now is a perfect moment to double-check that you fully comprehend the quote and move plan to ensure that it is the best option for you and to haggle with your preferred mover if anything needs to be changed.

  1. Book early or inquire about non-binding provisional move dates.

Due to many people who have put off relocating and the stamp duty vacation, there may be a high demand for moving services. Getting ahead of the game and booking early or provisionally scheduling your move-in for a later date could help you prevent any additional delays once the moving season resumes.

  1. Organize yourself

There’s a lot you can do to make your relocation go smoothly while you’re waiting for it to happen. Included are:

  • Make a list of everyone you need to tell about your address change. If you’re very organized, you could also write down how you’ll notify them, such as a link to a utility company’s online address change page or a pre-written email to your friends and family.
  • Make a list of what will go where in your new home. This will come in handy on moving days and during the packing process. To save time finding things when you go to the new place, pack boxes and identify them with the room they will go to. You may also make a new house map, indicating where important pieces of furniture would go, to aid the movers in unloading.
  • Shopping through an e-window. If you’ll need new stuff when you move into your new home, now is a good opportunity to look into your possibilities online. Do you require new curtains? Visit a few online merchants and think about styles, designs, and what information you’ll need to acquire to see if you can ask your suppliers for any of this information ahead of time so that when you’re able to get back to the stores, you’ll already know what you’re looking for. You might even be able to order online to save yourself the trouble of making a trip!
  1. Get ready to pack

If Removals Company Essex isn’t doing it for you, you can get a head start on packing if you already have your moving boxes. Concentrate on the items you don’t regularly use so they can be packed and stowed away, although it’s generally best to leave them.