New Message Series

At Light and Life Chapel, we are excited about what God is doing in the lives of His people and His church. There are some obvious and some not so obvious things that happen at church every week. We want to make sure everyone understands what we value the most from a Biblical perspective and to hold us accountable to living it out.

To know who we are is key to better understand where we are going. This is why we are going to examine the First Century church over the next seven weeks. Let’s learn from their willingness to be all in followers of Jesus Christ. They valued one another, their relationship with God, and they generously gave to those in need. Discover with us what really happens at church this Sunday. 

Sept 17 – Church: Where Generosity Happens.

Sept 24 – Church: Where Guidance Happens.

Oct 1 – Church: Where Inspiration Happens.

Oct 8 – Church: Where Serving Others Happens.

Oct 15 – Church: Where Spiritual Growth Happens.

Oct 22 – Church: Where Full Devotion Happens.

Oct 29 – Church: Where Relationships Happens.


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