How should the leader behave with their teammates?

Team Building Activities

If a bucket is filled with a bunch of fruits and while packing it, the owner of the bucket fails to see the rotten fruit in the package. In that case, after completing his travel while opening the pack, he saw more than 4 to 5 fruits got rotten. After separating all the other fruits, he realized that by the carelessness of a single fruit, he loses the other fruits too. This example will suit the team builder’s activity, and the owner of the bucket is considering as leader of the team. While choosing the team if he was careless, the whole work will be affected along with the team members. Here you can see some of the Team Building Activities  which make the team more attentive in their work.

What are the levels in managing the team?

Team Building Activities

The first significant work for the building is to build a strong base only then we could able to raise the building for enough height. Likewise, in the forming stage, team members would experience a great deal of stress and anxiety due to uncertainty about other team members. First, the interactions can be cautious and tentative as team members to feel each other out. In this stage, if you got a struggle, the charter will be helpful to establish the ground rules and will clarify how the mission is going to be. Here the alliance will make the list of work and how to make allotments for other workers about their particular jobs. By separating the team, all the team members will not have the same knowledge. According to their interest and learning capacity, their experience would differ. So, if the new work is assigned to the worker, he will not be satisfied with the job, and while presenting, he would be incomplete in his career.

When the responsibilities are given to the particular person named leader of the team, the other members who work for the team should obey the words of the leader only that it will be considered as teamwork. While starting their work here, storming arises in-between the workers. Conflicts often emerge about their goals and contributions of team workers there may also be some difficulties to the head of the group. In this situation, the head of the team should openly address the conflicts and emphasize the team’s idea and ground rules as established. At the end of this situation, who will lead the team will get resolved. And the team hierarchy or else pecking order might have been established. Even though the disagreements while the storming period can result in abandonment by individual teammates or dissolution of the team altogether.


After each process, the workers should ask the leaders about their work and if there is any further work to complete. Only that the current position will be over and you can able to apply for the upcoming job. If the leader is not good if the team members try to work correctly, the leader will spoil their work. These are everyday activities to differentiate good and bad team management. By this, you could understand the value of a leader in and for a team.