Essentials for applying Russian passport

russian passport renewal

The information of these things arrives in a solitary personalization community. After 1 March 2010, biometric identification is legitimate for a very long time. The information on the chip Russian international IDs are ensured by an innovation access russian passport renewal control BAC (essential access control), which permits delivering read information solely after entering the identification number, date of birth of the holder, and the lapse date of the visa (as a rule through acknowledgment of the machine lucid zone of the visa), which prohibits unapproved admittance to information on the chip.

Holders of Russian Federation

The holders of Russian Federation travel papers gave in Crimea and Sevastopol after their 2014 addition, region that is universally perceived as an unfamiliar involved piece of Ukraine, don’t have their international IDs perceived by the United States, and are denied European Schengen-zone visa (even though Crimean occupants who hold Ukrainian biometric identifications can visit the EU visa-free). Canada and the United States are additionally declining to perceive visas that Russia began giving in 2019 to Ukrainians in the non-government-controlled Donbas district of eastern Ukraine, and the European Union was thinking about their non-recognition.

russian passport renewal


Information page and mark page of a biometric worldwide visa (2014)

Information page and mark page of a non-biometric worldwide identification (2007)

Every identification has an information page and a marked page. An information page has a visual zone and a machine-coherent zone. The visual zone has a digitized photo of the visa holder, information about the identification, and information about the visa proprietor

Code of the responsible nation (consistently ‘RUS’)

Identification number

Last name

Given name(s)

Ethnicity (consistently ‘Russian Federation’)

Date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY design)

Spot of birth


Date of issue

Date of termination


A copy of the proprietor’s mark, examined from the application structure:

At the lower part of the information, the page is a machine-decipherable zone, which can be perused both outwardly and by an optical scanner. The machine-coherent zone comprises two lines. There are no clear spaces in one or the other line. Space that doesn’t contain a letter or a number is loaded up with “<". The primary line of the machine-intelligible zone contains a letter to indicate the kind of movement archive ("P" for visa), the code for the citizenship of the identification holder ("RUS" for "Russian Federation"), and the name (last name first, at that point given names) of the identification holder The second line of the machine-coherent zone contains the visa number (enhanced by a check digit), the code of the responsible nation ("RUS" for "Russian Federation"), the date of birth of the identification holder (enhanced by a check digit), a documentation of the sex/sex of the visa proprietor ("M" or "F"), the date of lapse of the visa (enhanced by a check digit), and, at the stopping point, at least one in general check digits.

Confidential :

Russia has been a secret to the majority of the remainder of the world for many years since it appears to offer such countless logical inconsistencies. While it is home to a portion of the world’s more prosperous business visionaries who order incredible wealth, it is additionally the location of huge spaces of destitution.

While a considerable lot of the main achievers in medication, science, and human expressions have come from Russia, the nation has additionally delivered various horrible tyrants answerable for the country’s haziest days.