Early Childhood

IMG_5452As new parents, we are filled with the wonder of each child God has blessed us with. We kiss the bottom of their feet to make them laugh, cradle them with care, teach them as much as we can, and look after every detail of their new lives. We are so attuned to their sounds that we can pick their cry out of a noisy room. And within each of these behaviors God is affirming our responsibilities to look after them and care for them.
In much the same way, our early childhood ministry is designed to engage each child with laughter, learning, and care. Light and Life is a place filled with interactive lessons designed to foster curiosity and wonder in God. Creating a sense of discovery with biblical truths and great principles to live by.
As you become more familiar with our early childhood ministry, let us know how we can help you to raise up your child to be part of the next generation that loves God with all their heart.