An Introduction to Terrarium

Terrarium Workshop

A TERRARIUM is similar to an aquarium, but we will grow plants as a replacement for fishes. It requires a small space and adds beauty to our house as a decorative material sometimes in an open form and also in a closed format. It looks like a miniature garden or forest enclosed in its own little world. It includes all succulent plant forms which need a little amount of water for their growth. A Terrarium Workshop looks like an artificially made greenhouse glass container where sunlight plays a key role in the growth of plants that belong to open or close terraria forms of planting or decorating one’s place. Because of this specific nature, our planet is called NATURAL TERRARIUM.

Terrarium Workshop

As it is less costly and the maintenance of the gardening is also very less to look after in a miniature garden inside a closed clear little case. It is planted to look like a tiny garden inside our house to take a look at the greenery in a specific corner. It can also be given as a gift to friends, relations as a sign of “SAVE OUR EARTH AND PROTECT OUR NATURE”.

A terrarium is a self-sustainable plant ecosystem with living plants which seems to be very crucial to maintain it inside our house. Plant with slow growth and that gives a healthy atmosphere always guards our health and gives safe and secured times to live. ORCHIDS can also be grown in a terrarium variety of plants which requires less absorption of water and a high amount of sunlight both in a closed and open type of terraria which is considered as a big advantage of planting in a short lifetime and reference of growth.

Terrarium with animals:

Insects, spiders, scorpions, amphibians, lizards, snakes, and turtles are the animal groups most commonly kept in terrariums. This kind of animal sometimes is not safe inside our house and it won’t give the best look for our house as well.

 Steps to make a terrarium:

1: Covering the bottom of your terrarium with some inch of covering that gives better growth to plants.

  1. A thin layer of activated charcoal provides essential growth for plants.
  2. A layer of potting soil is done.
  3. Then after all the process, the plant is soiled successfully.

Various other names of terrarium:

Terrarium also nicknamed as glass garden, Wardian case, Vivarium those are enclosed with glass slides and sometimes with a glass top, arranged for keeping plants or terrestrial/ semi-terrestrial indoor planting. The purpose of the terrarium is based on decoration, scientific observation, plant or animal propagation. In whatever forms of terrarium charcoal usage plays a vital role in growing plants as they are based on two varieties as open and closed terraria.

Charcoal for terraria:

Charcoal-like lump wood varieties are a type of BBQ charcoal that is used for a safer way to the growth of terraria. Similarly, Horticulture charcoal can also be used in various forms for so many years and can be sourced from industry stores or from Esty type of terraria.


In a similar case to a terrarium, VIVARIUM  is based on the habitat of an animal. Besides, it looks similar in its way of growing and its maintenance of guarding and providing safety without harming humans and other similar creatures on the earth.