A Coherent Idea About the Escape games

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“What is an Escape Game?” you may be wondering. For those who do not know, Escape Games are those games that, as the name implies, the goal is to escape from a specific place. There are countless types of rooms, with various themes, which can be of terror, mystery and even alien invasion. It has something for everyone.

The problem is, winning this game is not always simple. A group that goes for the first time will encounter many difficulties. After a few attempts, you already have an organized list in your head of tricks that can make a difference when things get complicated. Go for the escape game singapore there.

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Pay attention to the rules before the game

It seems silly to have to say that, but it’s true. Always before the Escape Game starts, someone from the organization will say what they can, what they cannot and other rules. This prevents the game from having to be stopped in the middle if one of the players does something wrong. You have to stop the game because someone tampered with the plug that they said couldn’t stop the immersion. Time is not counted, but until the focus returns the group may lose a few minutes.

Look for clues everywhere and store carefully

Yes, including the one you think is crude and improbable. Apart from the places where the rules warn that they are prohibited, all other spaces in the room are a possibility to find clues. And not finding a piece can make you lose good minutes, thinking about how to solve puzzles that you will not get yet. In addition, it is always good to combine all the tracks in one place, where all players can see. So, even if you don’t know what to do with any of the clues, someone else can know and advance the game.

The whole idea is valid

Sometimes one of the people speaks an idea that at first seems silly and illogical. The group dismisses the attempt and follows the game. After wasting time, they realize that the idea actually worked. If they had stopped for a few seconds to test, they would have saved time.

You may have been through some situations where ideas looked like beasts, but they were exactly what should be done. Or an extremely obvious comment, but when it was said it made the whole group touch something they hadn’t seen before. This exchange of information and knowledge is crucial for the game to work.

It’s a group game, so play in a group

Do not take the items and go about solving them yourself. You need to understand that sometimes, with time running out, you have an apparently brilliant idea and run to do it. But at some point during the rush, explain what you are trying or what you did, at least so that the idea is not repeated.

You have already gone through some puzzles that in fact needed more than one person to participate in order to move forward. Not to mention that each person comes from a different background, with different experiences, both in the subject of games and in life in general. A person who knows how to play Sudoku, for example, or is better at math can solve a problem faster than normal.